Introduction to the CyberOff Approach

Here’s an introduction into what we are all about here at CyberOff from our CEO Ian Murphy.

Workplace Awareness

Workplace awareness will focus on the common issues faced by organisations.  This could be a fun video on company policy or a short story on how to select passwords.  The subjects are endless and our vision is to breath life and fun into explaining them. We hope that you and your colleagues not only find […]

Physical Awareness

Awareness is not all about the digital world, there’s  physical dangers too and so being the responsible citizens that we are this is where you will find more videos, stories and possibly the odd poster too. Take a look at the first lesson which we hope you will see our love of rubbish afternoon TV […]

Scams and Fixes

We will deal with the different types of scams in this section. There’ll be lessons on them, what to look out for and how to protect yourself against them. Remember though, we are human, we will make mistakes and the best we can do is be informed. So sit back and let’s get into the […]

Home and Family Awareness

This section of awareness will focus on the information that you and your family need to stay safe online. There will be videos and short stories.