Scams and Fixes

We are all prone to falling for scams. It’s in our genetic code to trust others and be helpful. So when you are asked to help out, or visit a site to view something or indeed become romantically involved with a stranger on the other side of the world you’ve never met, blame our Sapien […]

Physical Awareness

Awareness is not all about the digital world, there’s physical dangers too and so being the responsible citizens that we are this is where you will find more videos on this topic. These videos will help you understand that the easiest way into your data and lives isn’t always some Hollywood vision of a hoodied clad […]

Home and Family Awareness

All our lives from this point on have been immeasurably altered due to the pandemic. How we will return afterwards is anyone’s guess, but what is constant is that attackers will still seek to prey on our good nature and willingness to help. So in this category you’ll find videos targeted at helpful hints and […]

Workplace Awareness

Workplace awareness will focus on the common issues faced by organisations.  This could be a fun video on company policy or on how to select passwords.  The subjects are endless and our vision is to breath life and fun into explaining them. We hope that you and your colleagues not only find it useful and […]