Here at CyberOff we’re trying to do something different with our cyber security services. ‘But isn’t everyone?’ you ask. Yep, but most aren’t doing a particularly good job of it. Our industry’s full of ‘game changers’, ‘disrupters’ and products claiming to be the ‘future of cyber’. We’re not of any of that. We’re just experienced professionals, with a wealth of knowledge and a drive to keep others safe and secure in an online world. Simple, really.

Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber awareness is currently full of the same content offered in different ways. And yet over 90% of the root cause of attacks is still human error. So how do we help lower that statistic? Consistent and engaging content that seeks to inform instead of tick some compliance box, that's how. To drive real behavioural change you need to tap into emotions. One of the best emotions for engagement is to make people laugh. That's what we are about here at CyberOff. Want to know more and discuss content that can liven up your current or future campaigns?

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Dark Web Assessment

Want to know who or what has infiltrated your network and bypassed your suite of security controls and what they are doing with your data? We shine a light on where you are already breached and provide a free report on what the dark web knows about your companies data. Reach out for a chat about what a dark web assessment entails, we only really need your domain name to get going.

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Public Speaking/Compère

Ian’s career in security started back in the early 90’s with his introduction to the Ministry of Defence. 25+ years later and taking in roles with vendors, service providers and his own start-ups, together with his parallel life as a semi professional footballer, Ian has developed a style all of his own. He is a much sought after speaker and compère and regularly features at events and webinars were his brand of humour and disarming honesty about the security industry is unique in a sea of white noise.

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