/ˈsʌɪbə ɒf/

Phrasal Verb

Used to tell a person to ‘go away’ if they are spouting utter
nonsense about cyber security.

Why CyberOff?

Fed up of the boring, mundane, same old same old content that inhabits the cybersecurity awareness industry?  Yes so are we.  We therefore decided to inject a little humour, the odd sideways glance and a sprinkling on top of “oh no, they didn’t just say that did they?”.

We’re not on a mission but our goal is simple, make cyber awareness less dull.  Whether that is in our campaigns led by our cornerstone videos, adding in a sprinkling of posters, including longer form stories or designing bespoke campaigns to your specific requirements, we’re sure you’ll find something here to brighten up your day and engage your teams.


A bit about Ian

Ian Murphy’s career in security started back in the early 90’s with his introduction to security via the UK Ministry of Defence. Since then he has gained a wealth of experience across all aspects of the profession from sales, to technical to leadership and across multiple geographies too.  His specialisms lie in providing organisations with truly engaging, fun and memorable cyber security awareness campaigns and the engagement necessary to begin to change users behaviour for the better. Ian’s belief is that an engaged and entertained workforce that doesn’t forget their awareness training 30 minutes after passing the obligatory end of session quiz is better equipped to keep their company safer online.  Ian’s experience has shown that continuous reminders in the shape of posters, videos and longer form stories that are easily transferable to the users home lives will drive an increase in user “smarts” way beyond the workplace.  And this is where Ian believes that most businesses have the equation for their “first line of defence” so wrong.  He contends if we flip this on its head and happily educate users into better behaviours without the need to tick compliances boxes then the defensive line that is so often referred to will take care of itself.