Dark Web Assessment

A Dark Web Assessment will show organisations exactly where their breached data is on the dark web, who is selling it and how much of it is out there.  It can also show up known attack vectors against your company, any phishing and malware campaigns your domain has been involved in and more specific personally identifiable information that could be known about your employees.

Firstly I hear you scream, “surely the ££££ we’ve just spent on the latest and greatest AI powered, next generation, new and improved appliance/service/magic beans from {Insert any vendor here} is protecting us?” I’m afraid my compadre that the bad news for you is a resounding “NO!” (Sorry to shout).

Einstein said the definition of insanity was “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

It’s now time to change the rules, prevention techniques are not enough anymore, you need timely and up to date threat intelligence of you want to turn the table on the attackers, play them at their own game and reduce their abilities to easily siphon off data from your organisation.

By understanding the potential points of data leakage from your organisation, or who may be using your domain to launch phishing or malware campaigns, you can begin to understand the little, but effective changes that can be implemented to alter behaviour and keep you secure.

Using a combination of threat intelligence and dark web reconnaissance we are able to shine a light on your exposures and provide a step by step guide on the changes required to keep you safe online and help users understand their behaviours better.

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