Cyber Security Awareness

“Hey everyone it’s security awareness training today, I can’t wait!”. Cue excited scenes and a little bit of wee escaping.  Unfortunately if only this were reality (not the wee bit, it’s probably my age).

You see cyber security awareness training campaigns are even duller than that teacher out of “Ferris Buellers Day Off” reading out loud the telephone directory.

“What’s the answer?”, I hear you scream (ok a mumble will do).

Funny and relevant awareness content that taps into emotions.  Simple that isn’t it?

Humour is proven to increase attention and interest, enhances recall and increases divergent thinking.

Humour however, can also cause offence where none is meant, so with great power comes great responsibility.

Having quizzes, fancy metrics, or trying to fool your audience with gamification doesn’t embed the learning for more than a few days.

Having memorable content, that sparks discussions in the workplace and can be transferred to the home to help educate family members, does.

If you are serious about a campaign with a difference, that drives measurable behavioural change and that gets people talking at all levels of your organisation then reach out for a chat over a cuppa.

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Still not convinced and want to know what good security content looks like? Head over to the resources section of our site and download some examples of our content.  Go on we double dare you!