Public Speaking/Compère

Ian Murphy is a cybersecurity veteran even before cyber or security were “things”. His career started back in the early 90’s with his introduction to the Ministry of Defence and has grown since then. 25+ years later and taking in roles with vendors, service providers and his own start-ups, Murphy has developed a style all of his own and is a much sought after speaker.

An anti-award recogniser, his only achievement that he’s proud of is his award for jumping in his local swimming pool in his pyjamas to retrieve a rubber brick!

Murphy’s style is one of irreverence and disarming honesty that only comes with years of experience and a vast array of roles from the technical to the strategic. His presentations are dynamic, engaging and most of all fun and are based around his 25+ years of experienced gained in the industry. From battle hardened stories of problem solving to why viewing your parents web history when cleaning up their PC is truly a life changing experience.

His compère style s a combination of his background growing up in Liverpool and taking aim at the claims made by vendors as to the efficacy of their offerings.

His life outside of CyberSecurity is just as interesting. Being an ex-Professional Footballer his talks are littered with the importance of team work and the use of tactics to achieve desired outcomes, along with the stories from dressing rooms and career highs such as playing at Wembley.

He also is the first person to lose out on winning £1Million live on TV in front of a viewing public of 9 Million people. What he learned and how he applies this is also weaved into his presentations to great effect.

This is all brought together in a delivery that has your organisations or industries events enthralled and amused from start to finish.

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